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FAQ - Adding My Business to the Business Directory

•How do I add my business to the Business Directory?
1st of all, unlike other sites, the Business Directory is a complimentary service of Please tell your friends. No business or service too big or small. Help us build a comprehensive business directory for Montana!

•Register and/or login using the login module you'll find in the Upper right above the header

•Once logged in, the "User Menu" will appear on the right column

•Under the user menu, select "Create Business" and simply complete the form

•Select your community

•Select whether your business is statewide

•Select an appropriate business category, 1 & 2

•Type your company name

•Add a brief description.(Please keep your description brief, or it may be cut off)

•Enter your contact info

•Note - Emails are sent from via a form, email IS NOT displayed

•Add your website url - make sure the http:// is included, but not 2x!

•Add your logo.Please select a smaller image (double check your image size)

If you have any issues email